Kate Aimson

Textile Artist

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I live in the Peak District, and can see the moors and hear the curlews from my house.  My location appeals to me because I am interested in the different ways we experience nature and the world around us. I am also interested in folk and fairy tales, and the stories they weave into our countryside.

I work in patchwork because I have found it an ideal way to express ideas about multiplicity, plurality and intricacy.  My artwork is expressing my belief that there is not one truth; that many things can be true at the same time; and that we constantly have many different views on the world.

I work in four different ways: textile "drawings", textile "paintings", textile flat sculpture, and painted murals.

Each "drawing" is one idea worked through, from start to finish, in stitch, whether the idea concerns a new design or a particular colour combination.  A "painting" is a stitched textile that I have worked on in several layers, adding applique in a spontaneous manner, in response to the first layer. I feel this technique enables me to feel something like the processes a painter uses.  These works may be inspired directly by fabric combinations, or they may be part of a story or myth I am interested in at the time.

My flat sculptures are essentially about landscape.  I use the form of a domestic object, a bedcover, to represent mythological or historical characters in the landscape; embodying a lost presence; imbuing the landscape with intimacy.  I photograph these in nature and later exhibit them in a gallery setting.

Recently I have had the opportunity to work on a community art project where I completed a large mural, using designs created by the community in which we were working. I am looking forward to doing more of this kind of work in the future.

Recently I set up my studio in order to hold workshops at my home in the Peak District.  If you interested in attending, please see separate details or contact me directly via: